Wonderful Time

My room. Sunday, December 2nd 2012. 4.40am.

These past 2 days were quite amazing, spending those days with you is like an exploding ball in my head. We’ve done some crazy things out of nowhere, and ended up as an unforgettable moment.

First, it was Friday, last day of November. Just like usual, I was so tired at work, and you spent your whole day at campus, so I decided to ask you out for a dinner and I’ll sit next to you when you’re doing you task that night, but suddenly you asked me something about the day before, about why am I so nice to you eventhough you were so upset and have been rejecting me all day but I’m still care and give you my attention. Soooo, I told you how I feel about you, about how I’ve been feeling so comfortable whenever I’m with you, so freaking happy whenever your name appeared on my phone right away when I’m thinking about you. And you also told me what you feel about me, about why you care about me like you care about everyone else. It honestly made me shocked for a while, but I could understand. It’s all okay, I’m very very thankful to God, for making me feel this way, how an ordinary person could be falling in love with someone who barely met with each other. I know we can still make it happen, I noticed you still care about me.

And yesterday, first day of December, was both tired and freaking amazing. You stayed a whole day on your class, doing some ‘diklat’ session, until 4pm in the afternoon you asked me that you need some paper to print, so I brought it whilst I came over from work to pick you up. It was 5.30pm when you appeared and said that your task had to be finished at 6 o’clock and it was not printed yet. So we forced our ass off looking for someone who could print your task, and until 5 times of come-over-to-place-who-said-they-can-do-that-but-they-actually-cannot place and WE DID MAKE IT JUST IN TIME.. We made it exactly in 06.00pm . And I’ve seen the most wonderful smile on your face. *my heart actually feel so aahhhhhh, just like sitting on the bottom of waterfall where the water drown in my head* And we celebrate it with a classy, nice, long-talking-and-laughing-and-don’t-giving-a-damn-about-everyone’s-thinking dinner. We all were tired, so I drove you home, said thank you and goodnight, and I got back home. Thanks you for a memorable night. It was amazing.



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